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Regina Tabone

Regina Tabone

My love for Disney started like most little kids growing up in front of the big screen or TV screen. My dad would record all my favorites on VHS so I can re-watch them. My parents took me to Disney World as a child and as I grew up I would take trips with my friends. My love Disney grew after each visit.

It was when I was an adult traveling with my boyfriend to Disney, 6 times in 10 years to be exact, that I started to want to learn more about Disney as much as enjoy being there. We would do the tours and I would buy books to get as much knowledge as I could. Being at Disney, riding the rides, eating at the restaurants, walking through all the parks would have me feel all the magic inside.

I would find that whenever a family member, friend or even colleague would be traveling to Disney they would ask me questions or even I would find myself volunteering to help. Sharing as much as I can to have their trip be a magical experience as it was for me. I then decided to start this new venture of my life to become a part of the Destination Mouse family and help people plan their Disney vacations. Let me share all the magic and love for Disney I have with you and help plan your next Disney vacation and make it memorable.

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My Disney Faves

My Favorite Disney Park

Magic kingdom

My Favorite Disney Restaurant

Be Our Guest

My Favorite Disney Snack

Mickey Ice Cream Bar

My Favorite Disney Resort

Port Orleans Riverside

My Favorite Disney Attraction

Splash Mountain

My Favorite Character


My Favorite Disney, Pixar, marvel, or star wars film

Sleeping Beauty

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