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Latoya Jackson

Latoya Jackson

Hello. My name is Latoya, I am a wife and mother from Ohio and Disney changed my family’s life! Although that may seem over the top, it is the absolute truth. I grew up in my household as an only child with two young parents that went from high school right into the workforce. We did not have the resources financially to take many vacations but the vacations that we did go on were so very special. Because of this history, vacations have always something that I considered as special.

When I made my first trip to Disney World as a young adult it was so amazing. Prior to traveling to Disney World, I had never even been out of the state of Ohio. So, you can imagine that was an exciting experience, however it did not even come close to the magic of making the first trip to Disney World with my husband and children, it was truly magical. Since my first trip with my own family in 2010, I have visited Disney World numerous times and have been on several Disney Cruises. My entire family is now hooked and we love everything Disney! Because vacations are so very special to me, I make it my business to try and help as many people as possible experience the benefit of traveling with friends and family, it is truly priceless. That’s why I am here to share with you my love and passion about Disney and help you create beautiful memories of your own.

My Disney Faves

My Favorite Disney Park


My Favorite Disney Restaurant

50's Prime Time Cafe

My Favorite Disney Snack

Dole Whip

My Favorite Disney Resort

Port Orleans Riverside

My Favorite Disney Attraction


My Favorite Character


My Favorite Disney, Pixar, marvel, or star wars film


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